Boutique Bean Bags

Pool Lounger - Red


The Pool lounger is made using high quality 420D PVC material with a mesh centre and mesh under side at both ends. The mesh allows for the water to drain as soon as the bean bag is lifted up allowing for quick drying.
Each end has a liner to insert the beans and child safety zips. You can lie across the lounger or sit in the middle great in the pool or floating down the river.  It requires approx. 50lt of beans 25lt each side.

The size is approx.; 155cm long x 90cm wide

It's the best friend for "YOUR" rear end

All our Outdoor range is designed to withstand the Australian Summer. Our range includes: - Outdoor Bean Bags in all sizes, specially designed with a PVC Coated Outer Cover, that repels both water and oil. - A Pool Lounger Bean Bag that also has the same specially designed PVC Outer Cover but is also designed for easy draining after pool use, with handles at either end and both PVC mesh in the middle and underside. - Indoor Bean Bags, specially designed Outer Cover, with Heavy Duty, Sofa Fabric's in current colour trends to compliment your decor. Boutique Bean Bags endeavors to provide a bean bag of high-grade quality that is easy to use, comfortable and able be moved from a Theatre room to the Alfresco with a few simple steps. We pride ourselves on both quality and customer service, if you have any questions please email us at