Collection: PICCOLO

Introducing the Piccolo. Our most recent addition to our bean bag range. Perfect for kids to spend some time out in, with the added bonus of being able to clean up any mishaps with ease from the PVC backed polyester, water resistant fabric.

A simple small rectangle shape, that can be utilised in various ways to create a comfy hammock shape, or layed out flat for the comfiest bean bag to spread out on.

Other options are leaning it against something to create a L shape style for a more upright position.

There's also the added strength of the zipper being covered by a Velcro fabric covered flap. A double stitched and wide edge all around and a mesh inner liner to reassure you. 

The other beauty of this shape and water resistant fabric is that it can be utilised as a Dog or Cat bed. Strong and smooth fabric takes the worry out of giving your pet a comfy spot to snooze. Simple maintenance of being able to wipe away pet hair and not worry about a wet dog smelling up their bed. It's not a worry anymore with the Piccolo.

"We're the best friend for your rear end"